About Us


Who may be Freemason?

Men who satisfy the qualifications below.

What is Freemasonry?

A fellowship or fraternity of such men devoted to freemasonry ideals.

What are the ideals and teachings of Freemasonry?

All such truths, ideals, and realities that describe, interpret, uphold, satisfy and foster freemasonry morals and what we stand for (see opposite page).

What is the purpose of Freemasonry?

To find such men (or, have them find us), to assist in the development and growth of such men, and bring them together into a fraternity meant to help others in our society.

Qualifications to join:

  • You must have a belief in a supreme being.
  • You must be a man 18 years old or older.
  • You must be in "good" physical and mental health.
  • You must be of good moral character (honesty, honor, and integrity).
  • You must be a free man (carried forward from ancient times).
  • You must want to grow, improve yourself, and be of help to others.
  • You must ask to join and apply for membership.

Our Role in Society:

    • Building community based on shared Masonic values.
    • Constructing a positive environment for personal growth.
    • Encouraging education, idea sharing, and open discussion.
    • Welcoming diversity across religious denominations, ethnicity and age.
    • Growing Leadership ability.
    • Establishing the relevance of Masonic values to contemporary life.
    • Advocating concern for the well being of other Masons and their families, as well as, the community as a whole.
    • Continuing support of our Masonic charities over time.


  • Masonry is a serious men’s organization, dedicated to self-improvement coupled with community involvement.
  • Masonry is provider of camaraderie, trust in each other, instant fellowship, and brotherhood.
  • Masonry brings together a group of people who emphasize individual excellence.
  • Masonry is a provider of an atmosphere of inclusiveness.
  • Masonry is an organization that helps make good men better.