Who we are

A Word about what Freemasonry is and is not:

Freemasonry is about personal growth and about helping others. Freemasonry is about men acting as Brothers for the good of the community. Freemasonry is about charity towards others. Every day, Freemasons and their appendant bodies contribute over $3 million to charity (about a Billion dollars annually). (This does not count the charitable hours donated or other charitable acts that occur on a daily basis.) Freemasonry is about the growth of the individual into spiritual maturity.

It is not a secret society. It is not a religious cult. It is not an organization with an evil plan to do evil things.

It is a fraternity of brothers that has often been maligned. And, it is a fraternity that has some secrets - to keep interlopers out (the evil guys) and to keep secret the initiation ceremonies and rituals so that new members can enjoy their upward spiritual journey without having the experience spoiled. Freemasonry believes that the individual should practice the religion of his choice and be a believer in a supreme being. Freemasonry in no way wants to replace or subjugate your belief in a supreme being. In fact, we encourage you to regularly attend services with the religion of your choice. Freemasonry is about personal growth, doing good and helping others. It is about helping our members grow personally and spiritually. To do this, we use as tools certain symbols, to key our memory.

If you don't believe or you have doubts about the above, I invite you to check into the people that have been Masons - like the father of our country - George Washington - (33 of his Generals, 12 of our Presidents, and many, many others) and ask yourself this question: Could Freemasonry have been as bad as the conspiracy theorists say if all of the great men that were Freemasons were members?

Think about it. And, when you get curious and want to know the truth, call us. We'd enjoy the opportunity to chat with you about the fraternity and your possible role in it.

We are a group of "good guys" trying to do good things for others without expecting or wanting recognition (but, we do want awareness of our fraternity so that we might encourage others to join us). If you would like to know some of the good things we do, please review the list of Masonic charities that can be found at the following address. (There are over 192 different Masonic groups that contribute to charity. The one you will probably recognize right away is the "Shriners".)